Our pinball machines are the reason we exist – it’s our passion. We operate the newest machines including Wizard of Oz, Spiderman VE, KISS, The Walking Dead, Aerosmith and Ghostbusters from current manufacturers including Stern and Jersey Jack Pinball as well as classics such as Addams Family, Monster Bash, Theatre of Magic and Indiana Jones. We only hold older pinball machines in our inventory if they are still in the top rankings worldwide and in excellent condition – we are always proud to put our name on our games.
The resurgence of pinball worldwide has led to a renewed interest in the game across the 18 – 35 year old demographic. Modern themes with high tech electronics, great sound and bright multi coloured LED lighting make these machines a great showpiece in any games area or pub. We don’t just drop a machine off and hope for the best – we work with you to promote your venue and games area for our mutual benefit, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.


New Big Buck Hunter HD Wild, Moto GP, Cruis’n Blast or a choice of over a thousand games in one cabinet! We supply the best. We can lease them to you or provide them on a profit share basis. The new bright HD displays are an immediate attraction to punters. With ongoing worldwide tournaments great prizes can be won and your venue may be the home of the next champion! Players love to compete and doing so in a social environment promotes friendship and fun. The longer players stay the more they spend. Its win win win…


Great redemption games need great prizes. Chocolate cranes are an ever popular money spinner but for the real cash earners we provide the best and latest equipment from various manufacturers from around the world with the best prizes. Balloon Busters, Key Masters and the Colour Changer are nothing without good prizes. iPads, consoles, and other items of value are where we focus our efforts. We want to attract the best to your venue and that means supplying the best.


Juke Boxes can be a great attraction in any venue. We can supply a music maker to suit the style of your business, Wurlitzer 1015 Bubblers or Wall mounted video systems, call us for advice. You can lease them from us and put them on free play as an on site attraction or run them on a profit share basis. Music is regularly changed and the genre is styled according to your venue. Certain types of equipment are internet connected providing a near limitless catalogue of music.
Our coin operated pool tables are an ever green source of earnings. Well maintained pool tables are an attraction to any venue, we can even supply venue specific cloths and colours to promote your venue. We can help setup competitions and promotions to maximise patronage on those quiet nights. Great prizes and sponsorships will bring great promotional opportunities to this popular pastime. Contact us for more details.